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More words. MORE FUN!

Private Equity Primer

Written in clear, approachable language to introduce the private equity industry to owners of middle-market companies looking for partners. 

LongWater Opportunities 

B2B Leave-Behind


A guide for custom frame shop owners on Tru-Vue's most premium glazing product.

Tru Vue Tri-Fold Leave Behind

Multi-target Email Drip Campaign

Targeting 6 unique psychographic profiles of potential Supercar customers in Miami.

McLaren Miami emails 

Children's Novel

My favorite. Published by Penguin Random House.

Random house 

Loyola Book Cover.jpg
Redbox Book Cover.jpg


Major Manufacturer Website

Rebranded and rewritten website for Geremarie, a major aluminum boat parts manufacturer repositioning themselves to enter the aerospace industry.


Surcharging Brochure
A guide to the art and science of surcharging-as-a-service.

Billtrust Surcharging Brochure.png
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